Report 4th BPW AdrionNet Forum, Palermo, Italy

Encouragement and Promotion of Women's Entrepreneurship in the Adriatic Ionian Region

Fourth BPW Adrionnet Forum, September 24, 2021, Palermo, Italy


The hybrid 4th BPW Adrionnet Forum was organized in Palermo by Alida Perkov, chair of BPW AdrionNet, with BPW Italy and coordinated by Giuseppina Seidita, Vice President Membership BPWI and Vice Chair AdrionNet.

Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President 2021-2024

Giuseppina Seidita, BPW International Vice President Membership and Vice Chair BPW AdrionNet

Anu VicksBPW International Regional Coordinator Europe 2021-2024

Dr. sc. Alida Perkov, Chair BPW AdrionNet, President BPW Pula Croatia, Member of the BPW International Standing Committee for Business, Trade & Technology 2021-2024

An event that has left its mark, the 4th Forum BPW AdrionNet entitled "Encouragement and Promotion of Women Entrepreneurship in the Adriatic Ionian Region", and that has allowed BPW Italy to be introduced to women from different European countries virtually connected to the entrepreneurs of the AdrionNet network and their valuable work within the AdrionNet network.

Another important step on the path that establishes cooperation between women entrepreneurs of BPW International in the Adriatic Ionian basin: out of 8 countries Italy, Greece and Croatia have BPW Clubs. The aim is fostering economic relations between women from a development perspective in the field of tourism, culture, agriculture, as well as generally promoting female entrepreneurship in the area. 

It was an event awaited by many Sicilian members, because it was really significant for the BPW club of Bagheria as one of the signatories of the twinning from which the network was born. This year the 4th Forum was organized in Palermo, after the first Forum in Athens, the second in  Benevento and the third in Pula, giving us the opportunity to broadcast the excellence of BPW Italy.  All the women connected virtually with us have given us important testimonies, together with those who were in the hall of the Carriages of Villa Niscemi. The International President, Catherine Bosshart Pluger, and the Chair of AdrionNet and BPW President of Pula, Alida Perkov, participated in the debate and the coordinator of  BPW Europe Anu Vicks sent a message of congratulations.

An indicative moment along the path that we want to take, promoting all women ; Croatian BPW rapporteurs Mojca Tavčar Benčić Izabela Vitasović and Edita Dolfini joined their Italian colleagues virtually, to create the Adriatic Ionian framework.

What we hope is that it was just one of the many opportunities to exchange experiences because, from the women who are part of the AdrionNet Network and from those who will join along the way, we expect collaboration to promote innovation and good practices in the world. The network is the right tool to achieve this goal. See you next year at the 5th BPW AdrionNet Forum! 

Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, BPW International VP Membership

Watch the video of the 4th BPW Adrionnet Forum in Palermo; provided by BPW Adrionnet, copyright by BPW Adrionnet 2021.

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