Special Promotion of a Side Event to CSW68 - March 11, 2024: Breaking the Single Parent Poverty Trap

Special Promotion of Side Event to CSW68

Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth BMFSFJ/Germany, National Council of German Women’s Organizations


Joint Side Event to CSW68

Breaking the Single Parent Poverty Trap

Concept Note


Monday, 11th of March, 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM

in-person and virtual

Location: Conference Room 6, UN General Assembly Building

Webcast: https://webtv.un.org/en


Single parent poverty is still a reality for millions of lone mothers and their children around the world. The rate of extreme poverty among divorced or separated women (8 per cent) doubles that of divorced and separated men in low and middle-income countries. Among 40 high and upper middle-income countries,

lone mother households have higher rates of poverty across every single country, data shows (UN Women 2020).

This event will discuss the complex risks, causes and consequences of single parent poverty, with a focus on lone mothers, highlighting best practices and promising policies to prevent and to end poverty. It will highlight intersectional approaches to design programs for and with lone mothers and discuss strategies to implement these policies in a challenging political environment.

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