Task Force Equal Pay - Report 2017-2020

Equal Pay Task Force’s Report by Dr. Bettina Schleicher, Chair 

The Equal Pay Day Taskforce has led the campaign launched by BPW International since 2009. The Taskforce has convinced numerous member countries to join the campaign and implement Equal Pay Days in their coun- tries. Since the beginning of the campaign until now, more than 35 countries have introduced Equal Pay Day. Almost all member countries participate in the campaign. The campaign has become a global movement beyond BPW, with BPW leading the way.


To achieve this, a side event on Closing the Pay Gap was held annually during CSW in New York. We invited politicians, entrepreneurs and experts to this side event and discussed with them how the global pay gap can be closed. The side events were always very well attended. After each side event, more countries joined the campaign. 


There were also taskforce workshops at the conferences and meetings. The Taskforce and its members were also available as contact persons for the countries and supported them. 


With the help of the campaign, the issue of Equal Pay for Equal Work has achieved a high profile world-wide. BPW International has cooperated with other institutions and organizations. Individual countries have established contacts with the government, parliaments, governments, companies, trade unions and the public. Activities in the countries vary, but are consistently carried out with great commitment from members.


From individual small events or meetings to large demonstrations and media-rich events. Several countries received financial support for the Equal Pay campaign from their governments or from companies. Companies offer discounts equal to the pay gap on Equal Pay Day. Equal Pay Day is covered on television, radio and in newspapers in many countries. Trade unions have also taken up this issue. In many countries, the pay gap has also become an election campaign issue for political parties. 

Numerous websites have been opened. The internet is full of the Equal Pay issue. The campaign uses a logo developed by a BPW for its activities to make the pay gap clear.


Our campaign has succeeded in getting laws passed in some countries to prevent unequal pay. Our campaign has succeeded in making unequal pay known to large sections of the population and increasing the pressure on politicians and companies. In the process, we have found many allies. The issue has become a worldwide topic not only of BPW. Even though the wage gap still exists worldwide, we can notice that the gap is closing. BPW is carrying this issue forward and all countries and members are proud that it was and is BPW that contributed a lot to closing the wage gap. 


The task force consists of the following members: 


Dr. Bettina Schleicher, Germany 


Sandra Cook, Asia Pacific

Sheila Crook, Canada

Elke Ickert, Europe

Lucille Isingoma, Africa

Johanna Marius, Africa

Marta Solimano, Latin America (Argentina) 

Barbara Yong, North America 


Report 2017-2021 / Workbook 2021, p. 55