Task Force International Legal Advice - Report 2017-2020

International Legal Advice Task Foce's Report 

by Eufemia Ippolito, Chair

Edited Version of Triennial Report 2017–2020 


BPW International Legal Advise Task Force

Chair Lawyer Eufemia Ippolito


I have been working on this project since 2017. I immediately asked the Regional Coordinators the name of a lawyer member for each region. I only received the appointment as International Legal Advice Task Force Member of Ms Angelina Gracy Sookoo for the Caribbean Region. After having solicited the indication of a lawyer member and having had no indication, I worked on the project and presented “Legal Advice”. I followed the goals, the framework and the working plan of the International Legal Advice task force that I am attaching to my report.


I have carefully studied the BPW International Constitution, the Procedure Manual and Regulations and I am highlighting some issues regarding the compatibility of the Rules contained in the BPW Constitution with International Law. In accordance with the objectives of the Legal Advice Task Force, I’m studying how to s tandardize the Regional Guidelines of the Coordinators.


Comparing the Guidelines of the Regional Coordinators, it seems that:

  1. The Guidelines do not have the same legal basis required by the Constitution
  2. The Guidelines do not have the same general rules required for alignment
  3. We need a prototype of Regional Guidelines which are the same for all Regional Coordinators.

At the present time there are only the Guidelines for: Europe, Asia and Latin America. I am also available to work to standardize the International Guidelines with International Law.


I am providing you with the Legal Advice Task Force Chair project. I am confident to have, in the next triennium, the names of other members of the task force to share and continue with this project.

Thank you for your confidence in me. 

Eufemia Ippolito – FIDAPA – BPW Italy 

International Legal Advice Task Force Chair

Report 2017-2020 / p. 58