Task Force International Legal Advice - Chair and Member Portraits

Dr. Eufemia Ippolito, Chair

BPW International Executive Finance Officer 2021-2024

BPW International Financial Management Team Chair 2021-2024

BPW International Task Force Legal Advice Chair

FIDAPA BPW Italy Past National President 

FIDAPA BPW Club Gravina in Puglia



Italian, French, English

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LAWYER - Attorney at law – specialized in company law, European law, International law. 

Professor of company law. Graduated in law and Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature specialized in French.


2009-2019 Representative BPW in the Council of Europe. 

2004–2008 Representative BPW in the EWL (European Women Lobby - Brussels) Board Member and Membership Committee EWL. 

2013-2017 BPW Italy Representative in Committee for Equal Opportunities within the Ministry of Labour, Rome, Italy

2011-2013 BPW Italy Representative in Committee for Equal Opportunities within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Rome, Italy

2016-2017 Member Group: Brussels Follow-up # 5 "Women on Boards"

March 2017 Appointment as International Legal Advice Taskforce Chair

2018 BPW Europe Women on Boards Committee

BPW Italy Past National President, National President (BPW Italy), National Vice President (BPW Italy), National Secretary (BPW Italy), National Finance Officer (BPW Italy). National President Committee Relations with E.U., National Responsible for the Environment Committee (BPW Italy).

Dr. Cristina Rossello, Member

FIDAPA BPW Italy Association Honorary Member

FIDAPA BPW Club Savona




Cristina Rossello has a degree in law and is a lawyer entitled to appear before the Italian Supreme Court. Her personal law firm has offices in Milan, Rome and Brussells. She is a strategic consultant for industrial family businesses and international groups also in the banking, publishing and sports sector. She has extensive experience in receiverships, judicial administration of seized goods as well as extraordinary administration procedures for prefectural tasks for disqualifications and is a company liquidator. Cristina Rossello also has experience of more than twenty-five years in listed companies, acting as Vice-President of a bank, President of the Internal Audit Committee, President of the Appointment Committee, President of the Independent Directors’ Commiteee and member of the Related Parties Commitee. She is Lead Independent Director in listed companies. She has wide experience in the sports law sector. She has held Specialisation Courses in Sports Law and Sports Justice at the Università Statale di Milano. She was in charge of the Legal Department and assistant to the Chair for high strategies of the National Professional Association and deputy-commissioner of the Coni for sports federations.

She chairs the mentoring association called Progetto Donne e Futuro which she created to enhance female excellence, support young women entering the labour market and promote their professional fulfillment. She is an honorary member of the Fidapa BPW Italy Association - Savona Chapter.


Dr. María Cristina Cavalli, Member

Past Vice-President of the NGO BPW Recoleta. 

Past Vice President of BPW Argentina Federation. 

Collaborator in the Peace Commission of BPW International.

Collaborator in the Constitutional Commission of BPW International.

Member of the BPW Club Victoria Ocampo Mar del Plata 




Spanish, English

Dr. María Cristina Cavalli, Lawyer. Notary Public and Professor in Legal and Social Sciences (Univ. del Salvador) Registered Mediator of the Ministry of Justice of the Nation nº 1684 Mediator of the province of Buenos Aires San Isidro. SI036

Postgraduate in University Teaching (UB).

Postgraduate in Environmental Conflicts: Planning-Negotiation and Mediation. FLACSO: Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences.

Postgraduate Course on "How to organize an Environmental Defense Office" Director: Antonio Elio Brailovsky Year 2007

Postgraduate Course on "Management Conduction" Universidad de Belgrano Year 2007.

Specialized in Training of Trainers (CAEP) Ministry of Education of the Nation; Trainer of Trainers in Mediation and Arbitration - BID-FOMIN-CAC.

Specialized in Negotiation and Family Mediation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (Mass. USA). Participant of the International Seminar on Procedural Law U.S.A.98 Miami Florida. "Mediation, Violence and Juvenile Delinquency". Associate workshop presenter at the Annual ACR Conference. Specialized in Neurolinguistic Programming Techniques applied to Negotiation and Mediation at the O.E.A.A. Alumni Center. Step Family Foundation Counselor. New York. USA. 

Past Vice-President of the NGO BPW Recoleta. 

-Association of Business and Professional Women.

Past Vice President of BPW Argentina Federation. 

Member of the BPW Club Victoria Ocampo Mar del Plata Argentina- (Continued). Collaborator in the Peace Commission of BPW International. Collaborator in the Constitutional Commission of BPW International.

Arbitrator of the Consumer Arbitration Courts. Secretary of Industry - Ministry of Economy. Consumer Conciliator n* 205 Ministry of Production National Direction of Consumer Defense and Consumer Arbitration COPREC. Co-founding Director, Mediator and teacher responsible for Grupo Conciliar Mediation, Conciliation, Negotiation and Arbitration Hab Nº 56 /98.

President and teacher in charge of Cavalli y Asoc. Consultora Training Institution - Alternative Dispute Resolution hab. 198/06

Co-founder of "Nuevas Perspectivas" NGO. Training Institution.

Co-author of the book "Introduction to Non-Adversarial Conflict Management". Editorial El Árbol. 2009 - 2nd edition, Complutense University of Madrid.