Leaders' Summit & Clare Fulcher Reception 2024 in New York - Ticket Shop is open

After a few days delay due to a technical glitch, we were able to open the Ticket Shop for the Leaders' Summit and the Clare Fulcher Reception 2024 in New York. 

The mails to the pre-registered participants who have a visa could be sent.

Please Note

  • To buy a ticket, you need a code. This will be sent to you by BPW International once your pre-registration has been accepted. The code is for your ticket(s) only.
  • Perhaps you have not yet received a code because we do not know whether you have received your visa. Please send us a photo of your visa so that we can consider your pre-registration.
  • The number of places is limited. Tickets will be allocated, with BPW members holding an office having first priority. In addition, participants from as many countries as possible will be considered. Registrations from Young BPW will also be accepted.