UN Global Compact - Take Action To Address The Human Rights Impacts Of Your Business

The UN Global Compact Network UK is now accepting registrations for our Business & Human Rights Accelerator. The deadline to apply is 15 December 2023.  

The Business & Human Rights Accelerator will guide your company from commitment to action on human rights and labour rights through a six-month programme designed and delivered in collaboration with leading human rights experts, Shift.  


Why join? 

Key stakeholders, governments, investors, customers, employees, media, and the general public are increasingly aware of corporate impacts on human rights.  

To meet stakeholder expectations, it is essential that responsible businesses assess their human rights impacts and align their practices with international standards.  

The programme will enable your company to:  

  • Gain a clear understanding of where you are on your human rights journey.  
  • Prioritise actions and implement grievance mechanisms and remedies.  
  • Develop an action plan with next steps, expert guidance, and resources to advance human rights.  
  • Build an invaluable network of peers, partners, and experts. 

Who can participate? 

The Business and Human Rights Accelerator is only open to business members of the UN Global Compact Network UK. Companies must also be: 

  • Willing to identify their human rights impacts and to scope out core areas of their value chain for further focus.  
  • Able to appoint two representatives to participate in Accelerator activities and peer-learning sessions and an executive-level representative to follow Accelerator developments, provide support, and participate in high-level events.  

Have any questions? 

Join the global information session on 18 October 2023 by registering here for 8am BST or here for 3pm BST.  


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