BPW Regional Conference Europe - Early-Bird Prices until Mid February

BPW Regional Conference Europe

Mai 27-29, 2022

Reykjavik, Iceland, Hotel Hilton Noridca

> Information and Registration  

> Early-Bird Prices until 15 February 2022


Early Bird Conference fee                              

IKR 79.900 (approx. EUR 526) (Until February 15, 2022)

Late Registration Fee                                    

IKR 89.900 (approx. EUR 593)

Gala Dinner                                                      

IKR 17.900 (approx. EUR 119)

Farewell Party                                                   

IKR 21.900 (approx. EUR 146)



Those who reserve the Gala Dinner and The Farewell Party at the same time they register for the conference do merit a special conference fee as that facilitates our organization. The Special Deal is only available until February 15, 2022. In that case the conference fee will be:                                                                IKR 76.900 (approx. EUR 512)


The Special Deal looks like this:

Early Bird Special Deal Conference fee:           

IKR 76.900 (approx. EUR 512)

Gala Dinner:                                                

IKR 17.900 (approx. EUR 119)

Farewell Party:                                             

IKR 21.900 (approx. EUR 146) 



Hilton Nordica Hotel is the conference hotel. Most of the rooms have been reserved for conference guests.

Another hotel located about 10  minutes walk from the Hilton is the Cabin Hotel Reykjavík.  Both of those hotels can be reserved at the registration website for a special price.


There are plenty of other hotels in the vicinity of the Hilton Nordica Hotel although those will not be listed on our website and will therefore have to be reserved separately. Here is a list of some of the hotels nearby:

> Grand Hotel Reykjavik                

> Hotel Reykjavik Lights                 

> Hotel Island – Ármúla                 

> Hotel Múli – Hallarmúla              

> Hotel Lotus - Álftamýri                

> 22 Hill Hotel                              


Icelandair Hotels and Kea Hotels have a chain of hotels around the country and can be booked on these websites respectively:

> Icelandair Hotels

> Kea Hotels

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