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bpw.webinars - Video "Financial & Dues Policies"
bpw.webinar News · September 14, 2022
Finance & Dues Policies, with Eufemia Ippolito, BPW International Executive Finance Officer 2021-2024. Webinar in English. Link to YouTube Video.

New Project - 50+ Welcome
We aim to voice and promote the interests of people aged 50+ in Lithuania and to raise awareness on the related issues.

New Project - Women Stand-Up
L’autonomisation socio-économique accrue de près de 1000 femmes. Et soutien et accompagnement dans leur réinsertion sociale des femmes incarcérées.

New Project - End Period Poverty "EPP"
This project seeks to engage the entire county on the education of Period, ending the stigma of having a period and providing pads to schools.

bpw.webinars - "Financial & Dues Policies" - Register now
bpw.webinar News · September 02, 2022
Register now: BPW International Financial & Dues Policies - 7 September 2022, 16:00h CET (UTC+2)

New Affiliate Club - BPW Maputo, Mozambique
Membership News · August 31, 2022
BPW Club Maputo, Mozambique, Africa, August 2022

New Affiliate Club - BPW Davao, Philippines
Membership News · August 31, 2022
BPW Club Davao, Philippines, Asia Pacific, July 2022

Anniversary Celebration & Candle Lighting Ceremony in Arusha - Fotos
President's Messages · August 31, 2022
Fotos from the 92nd Anniversary Celebration and the Candle Lighting Ceremony

President's Messages · August 26, 2022
#bpwday #professionalnetworking #bpwdirectory

New Project - Women Strengthening Women - BPW Ontario Canada
Capitalizing on skills, knowledge and expertise of BPW Ontario members to provide a tangible benefit of membership to new and existing members.

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