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Change on Facebook as of the end of 2022
BPW International News · December 22, 2022
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Trip to Latin America - Quito, Ecuador
President's Messages · December 11, 2022
"Quito was the last station of our trip. We all had a little problem catching our breath as Quito is at 2800 m above sea level." President's report and photos.

Trip to Latin America - Bogotà, Colombia
President's Messages · December 10, 2022
"As Bogotá is a fairly new Club (approved in June 2021) we wanted to pay the members a visit." President's report and photos.

Trip to Latin America - Accept the Congress Venue Mar del Plata
President's Messages · December 09, 2022
Mar del Plata is located an hour's flight south of Buenos Aires directly on the Atlantic Ocean and has about 2 million inhabitants, a large part of whom are of Italian origin. It is a popular destination for seaside vacations for the Argentine population in summer (in the winter of the northern hemisphere). President's report and photos.

Trip to Latin America - Visit to the Club in Buenos Aires
President's Messages · December 08, 2022
On the evening of 19 November 2022, the International President, Vice President Membership and the Director of the President's Office (she speaks Spanish and Portuguese) arrived in Buenos Aires together with the Treasurer. President's report and photos.

Trip to Latin America - XXXVI Confam of Brazil
President's Messages · December 07, 2022
The XXXVI Confam Conference was held in Campo Grande, an innovative city in full swing. President's report and photos.

New Affiliate Club - BPW Tirana, Albania
Membership News · December 07, 2022
BPW Club Tirana, Albania, Europe - November 2022

Ukrainian Project - BPW Poland
BPW International Help News · December 06, 2022
Since 24th of February 2022 more than 3,5 million Ukrainians - mostly women with children have crossed the Polish border. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced many of them to flee from the war! Read more about the BPW Poland Ukrainian Project.

Ukrainian Project - BPW Madrid
BPW International Help News · December 05, 2022
Support and Opportunity program for Ukrainian Refugees in Spain: Economic Integration of Ukrainian Refugees in the Spanish Economy.

International Volunteer Day - 5 December
President's Messages · December 05, 2022
Today is International Volunteer Day, the day of action to recognize and promote volunteerism. We would like to thank all for their volunteer engagement for BPW and the BPW goals.

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