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UNESCO - Education Pre-Summit 28-30 June 2022
UN News · June 24, 2022
Invitation to follow live the Education Pre-Summit - 28-30 June 2022

✝︎ Judith van Unen, BPW Australia President 2000-2004
President's Messages · June 21, 2022
✝︎ Judith van Unen - BPW Australia President 2000-2004 - Judith departed from us in May 2022.

G7 Presidency - Women7 hands over W7 Communiqué to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz -  It is time to deliver!
UN News · June 20, 2022
BPW Germany is contributing to the Women7 process through the involvement of its long-term member, Christine Heinze, who was named W7 Advisor during Germany’s W7 Presidency and acts as one of two Co-Chairs of the Working Group on „Economic Empowerment, Justice and Rights“.

bpw.webinars - Videos "The United Nations and BPW International"
bpw.webinar News · June 20, 2022
Two bpw.webinars were held in cooperation with Géraldine Crevat from Intercontinental Online Meetings, both on the same subject, but in different languages. Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President 2021-2024, was speaking about the relations between BPW and the UN. Since 2011 Catherine Bosshart was BPW International Main Representative at the UN in Geneva, from 2017-2020 she was Vice President UN for BPW International. She can speak from her wealth of experience working with the UN...

BPW International Africa Regional Conference - 25-27 August 2022 - Arusha, Tanzania
Africa News · June 18, 2022
Africa Regional Conference 2022 in Arusha, Hotel Gran Meliá

BPW Switzerland National Conference & 75th Anniversary
President's Messages · June 18, 2022
BPW Switzerland National Conference 11 May 2022 in Lausanne At its delegates' meeting, BPW Switzerland was also able to celebrate its 75th anniversary. In my speech, I brought the greetings of BPW International to this great Federation in Europe. The history of the first 50 years of BPW Switzerland was written by one of my students under my aegis. It is a matter of concern to me that the history of the second 50 years will also be preserved and then processed. I wish BPW Switzerland continued...

Leaders' Summit in Reykjavik
Leaders' Summit News · June 17, 2022
Report about the Breakout Sessions of the Leaders' Summit in Reykjavik

Spotlight Reykjavik-Conference - A Young BPW's Network
Europe News · June 17, 2022
A Young BPW Member from BPW Switzerland and her video clip about her craftswomen network.

Spotlight Reykjavik - Crosscultural Connections Between BPW Members
Europe News · June 17, 2022
Workshop in Reykjavik with Géraldine Crevat, Chair BPW International Task Force Intercontinental Mobility

Regional Conference Europe Reykjavik - Thanks
Europe News · June 17, 2022
BPW International Regional Conference Europe in Reykjavik 27-29 May 2022 President Jóhanna Kristín Tómasdóttir from BPW Reykjavik thanked everybody for their participation and the gifts. “I am so proud of my team, of BPW Iceland as a whole, and yes, myself, for having achieved this task so beautifully. […] My dear BPW sisters, thank you for making this conference a success. See you at the latest in Malta in 2025. Now all the pictures from the photo booth and the photos taken by Anna...

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