#EarthDay #greenBPW - The pledge of the SC Agriculture and the project "Kitchen Gardening"

🌎🌍 On Earth Day 2023, we renew our request to all women who would like to join us: 

Please share your experiences and invite members of all nationalities to share with us innovative solutions in rural, urban and peri-urban agriculture in women's hands.

Through our Kitchen Gardening project, we would like to raise awareness among BPW members so that they can participate with their testimonials and better replicate and expand the range of products from the garden according to their own traditions and needs!💚   

In 2023, the implementation of the Kitchen Garden can help to also consider aquaponics, compost and other possible projects related to agriculture (including innovative packaging or distribution), and we can collect them as a special contribution to the transformation of food systems, especially if they originated in our BPW Clubs or Federations.

Cristina Gorajski and SC Agriculture

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