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FAO - BPW International and other INGOs have been promoting the use of solar-powered pumps for several years
FAO promotes Solar Water Pumps - This is what a Member Project of BPW International does since 2016

Kitchen Gardening - Update of the SC Agriculture Project - The Benefits of Kitchen Gardening
The Benefits of Kitchen Gardening The update on the "Kitchen Gardening" project gives you a brief introduction to the meaningfulness of this work. You can download this introduction as a pdf or as a presentation. > Kitchen Gardening Update - The Benefits

#EarthDay #greenBPW - The pledge of the SC Agriculture and the project "Kitchen Gardening"
🌎🌍 On Earth Day 2023, we renew our request to all women who would like to join us: Please share your experiences and invite members of all nationalities to share with us innovative solutions in rural, urban and peri-urban agriculture in women's hands. Through our Kitchen Gardening project, we would like to raise awareness among BPW members so that they can participate with their testimonials and better replicate and expand the range of products from the garden according to their own...

FAO Rome - The status of women in agrifood systems - Report 2023
The status of women in agrifood systems report 2023 uses extensive new data and analyses to provide a comprehensive picture of women’s participation, benefits, and challenges they face working in agrifood systems globally.

Food Systems Transformation - Eliminate Hunger - Cristina Gorajski
Abstract of the online speech on March 10, 2023 at the BPW ITALY SARDINIA webinar Università di Sassari - 'Eliminate Hunger' / 'Sconfiggere la Fame' - by Cristina Gorajski Visconti

SC Agriculture - Kitchen Gardening - Video Testimonial

SC Agriculture - Kitchen Gardening - Testimonials

SC Agriculture Project  "Kitchen Gardening"
Project of the BPW International SC Agriculture 2021-2024 - BPW Lebanon - The project seeks to implant and maintain a permanent Kitchen Gardening. 'Provide your own food by working the land.'

World Food Day 2022
Watch the FAO Video to World Food Day 2022

Action Plan - Information, Actions, Business Ideas
SC Agriculture - Action Plan. Video, presentation pdf

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