Know Your Constitution #8 - BPW International Finances

Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla, JD

BPW International Executive Secretary 2021-2024, Canada


It is clearly stated in BPW International’s Constitution in Section C2 under the “Type of Organisation” that our funds must be “carefully managed and used to promote and achieve the aims of our organization”. Across the world our members’ instrumental efforts to gather financial resources as well as their own financial contributions must be valued and protected under all circumstances. Section C2 reiterates that our “decision-making bodies are accountable to the members” and therefore this important responsibility of reporting with respect to finances rests on the shoulders of each of us as leaders of our organizations.

Our Regulations further outline this financial structure in R8.3 to explain that a “Financial Management Team chaired by the Executive Finance Officer” consists of “five members approved by the International Board” to oversee the financial reporting. These members include the Executive Finance Officer Eufemia Ippolito as Chairperson, International President Catherine Bosshart, Chartered Professional Accountant Janet Riehm from BPW Canada, Consultant Marcella Desalvo from BPW Italy and Economist Bertiller James Massawe from BPW Tanzania. We appreciate their substantial roles on the team and value their professionalism and expertise.

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