BPW Salzburg, Austria - 25+1 Anniversary 2021

BPW Salzburg Anniversary 

BPW Salzburg Club 25+1 Anniversary celebrations took place on 25 September at the Salzburg International Airport. Welcome drinks were served at the rooftop bar with wonderful views onto the airfield and surrounding mountains. 


BPW International President Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW Europe Regional Coordinator Anu Viks and BPW Austria President Cornelia Pessenlehner congratulated Salzburg Club on their important milestone and wished them great amounts of light air to take the Club off to new heights.


The current President of BPW Club Salzburg, Rita Volgger, welcomed all club members including two board members from BPW Austria and many guests from other European clubs, around 70 participants altogether. For this occasion and based on 25 years of photo documentation, two members had produced a very special video forging a bridge from the club foundation to the current members and their activities. One of the founding members, the almost 90 year old pharmacist Margot Opferkuch, gave an inspiring and heartwarming insight to her dreams. These personal dreams came true when, at the age of 80, she finally obtained her pharmacist’s licence. Margot retired at the age of 86. Her pressing desire for maybe giving in but never giving up was not only moving but extremely inspiring. 

Despite the pandemic and all related difficulties, the BPW Salzburg Club has grown by 20%. As we all appreciated during this wonderful event, BPW Salzburg and also BPW International thrive on the mixture of our mature members' long years of experience and know-how and the younger generation’s enthusiasm and innovative skills. Ready for take-off …

Thank you, President of BPW Salzburg, Rita Volgger, and BPW Salzburg Club members for this wonderful and memorable party!

Anu Viks

BPW International Regional Coordinator Europe 2021-2024

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