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New Project - 50plus Welcome
Project News · September 07, 2022
We aim to voice and promote the interests of people aged 50+ in Lithuania and to raise awareness on the related issues.

New Project - II Congreso Ciudades Transfronterizas Sostenibles - Club & Federation Project
Project News · August 21, 2022
The congress will be a face-to-face and virtual event in Ceuta to promote energy sustainability and circular economy in Ceuta.

Earth Day - The Breath of Life - FIDAPA BPW Italy, Section Roma
Europe News · April 21, 2022
This Earth Day Event "The breath of life" is organized by the Rome Section of FIDAPA BPW Italy - 22 Aprile 22, 09:00h Rome - with YouTube Video

New Project - EPD Lithuania 2022 - Club & Federation Project
Project News · April 21, 2022
Financial donations for the Rett syndrome association in UKRAINE

Dr. Carla Laura Petruzzelli - Task Force Chair Mentoring 2021-2024
Task Force Mentoring News · January 23, 2022
Portrait Dr. Carla Laura Petruzzelli, BPW International Constitutional Advisory Committee (CAC), BPW International Task Force Chair Mentoring 2021-2024, BPW FIDAPA Vicenza, Italy

BPW Salzburg, Austria - 25+1 Anniversary 2021
Europe News · September 26, 2021
BPW Salzburg, Austria ∙ 25+1 Anniversary ∙ September 25, 2021

BPW Europe Ask to Support the Afghanistan Women
Europe News · August 29, 2021
"We therefore strongly ask European Commission to open humanitarian corridors for support of Afghanistan women and children, humanitarian aid and to organize hospitality centers for women who need safe environment."

Anu Viks, Estonia - Regional Coordinator Europe 2021-2024
Europe News · June 29, 2021
Portrait Anu Viks, Estonia - BPW International Regional Coordinator Europe 2021-2024

Europe News · April 15, 2021
My homeland is Estonia, a lovely seaside country in North-East of Europe with innovative mind and creative people. I am the member of BPW Estonia since 2002 and have been the President of my local Tallinn Club for three years and the President of BPW Estonia 2015-2018. My first connection with BPW was through the BPW European Conference that took place in Tallinn Estonia in 2000. I was involved as a young help to host different delegations who arrived to the Conference. Since then I have been a...