Ceuta, Destination of Investments - Photogallery From the Conference

Ceuta, Destination of Investments

Conference in the Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta

With the Participation of BPW International

October 17-20, 2021 - La Ceuta

Standing Committee Chair Paz Martin has had the opportunity for the Standing Committee to collaborate in an international conference that will take place in Ceuta (Spain) from October 17th to 20th.

Find here the program of the conference in which the Standing Committee for Business, Trade and Technology will participate. This conference will also feature Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President 2021-2024, Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, BPW International VP Membership, and Dr. Amany Asfour, President of the African Business Council and BPW International Immediate Past President. The conference will be a great opportunity to introduce BPW to all the international media that will attend. 

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