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New Partnership - Salvamento Marítimo
Within the framework of the approved BPW International Standing Committee (SC) Business, Trade and Technology Action Plan and together with the BPW-Madrid Club we have reached an agreement with the public company Salvamento Marítimo with the aim of promoting Sustainable Development Goals #5 and #10. Salvamento Marítimo is a public company that responds to emergencies at sea, with the main objectives of safeguarding human lives and property, protecting the marine environment, enhancing safety,...

Memorandum of Understanding with Trasmed Gle - Grimaldi Group
Memorandum of Understanding of the SC Business, Trade & Technology with the TRASMED GLE – GRIMALDI GROUP, 21-22 February 2022

Agreement between Salvamento Marítima
Signing of the agreement between SOCIEDAD DE SALVAMENTO Y SEGURIDAD MARITIMA of Spanish Government, the Standing Committee for Business, Trade and Technology of BPW International and BPW-Madrid.

Ceuta, Destination of Investments - Photogallery From the Conference

Ceuta, Destination of Investments Conference in the Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta With the Participation of BPW International October 17-20, 2021 - La Ceuta

Standing Committee Chair - Paz Martin, Spain
Portrait Paz Martin, Spain - Standing Committee Chair 2021-2024 - Business, Trade & Technology