ILO - 110th Session of the International Labor Conference ILC

110th Session of the International Labor Conference

27 May to 11 June 2022, virtually


Drafting group of the committee: decent work and the social and solidarity economy (SSE).

The SSE is not new and its policy importance and visibility have grown significantly since the beginning of the new century. 

In 2008 the declaration on social justice for a fair Globalization recognizes a strong social economy as critical for sustainable economic development and employment opportunities. The ILO centenary declaration for the Future of Work (2019) acknowledges the role of the SSE in generating decent work, productive employment and improve living standards for all. 
It is necessary now to discuss the value added of the SSE in advancing social justice through decent work and in promoting sustainable development for arriving to general agreed conclusions and resolution to provide further guidance for the ILO.

What are the expected outcomes? 
  • Provide a universal definition of social and solidarity economy with associated principles and values; 
  • assess the SSE to decent work,
  • promoting the support for people challenging their working lives, 
  • provide policy guidelines, 
  • equip the office with guidance on how to engage in the promotion of the SSE worldwide, including through development cooperation, 
  • maintaining a wide range of partnerships with institutions, organizations and agencies representing the SSE, or involved in the promotion of the SSE.  
All the points have been discussed and have been submitted
The report is a basis of the discussion between the ILO’s tripartite constituents with the SSE, using examples from around the world. It discusses ways to strengthen to decent work and sustainable development. It means the linkage between the SSE and the future of work. 
The adoption of draft resolution and conclusions will be made on June 9th.

GENEVA (ILO News) – The 110th International Labour Conference  (ILC) has closed with a “remarkable harvest of achievements”, according to the ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder. 

Describing this ILC as “important, harmonious and productive” he highlighted the decision to “lift a safe and healthy working environment to the status of a fundamental principle and right at work” as “making history”. 


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