Leaders' Summit in Reykjavik

The Leaders' Summit was allotted a short 2 hours; usually a half day is scheduled for this work.

Nevertheless, many participants accepted the invitation and worked concentrated and intensively. In the breakout sessions on the burning questions, a lot was collected, which was then summarized and presented in the plenary Leaders’ Summit group.

Thanks to the Leaders’ Summit participants who have filled in the questionnaire, 10 main topics were discussed during the breakout sessions. The participants were very committed and highlighted different aspects. 


The importance of a well-functioning «communication» was a main result. Without any doubt «communication» is crucial for any real development and progress. Currently, BPW International not only has a very dedicated communication team, but encourages all leaders and members to share their commitments, ideas and concerns by contacting President's Office.

Report Dr. Antoinette Rüegg, BPW International President 2002-2005

Breakout Sessions

1 What can I get from BPW International?

2 How to grow membership?

3 Basic qualities for good leaders

4 Succession for board members

5 Recruiting Young BPW also for boards

6 Active cooperation between Clubs & countries

7 Finances of BPW International

8 Directory promotion strategies

9 CF Projects & Member Projects

10 Equal Pay and Lobbying

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