New Twinning - BPW UK to Twin with BPW Chernihiv, Ukraine, during the European Presidents meeting 2024 in Rome

BPW UK are honoured to have been able to Twin with BPW Chernihiv, Ukraine during the Gala Dinner at the European Presidents meeting 2024 in Rome. We have worked together on the Van for Chernihiv project delivering a humanitarian vehicle and aid to the area around Chernihiv. This project has been made possible with the help of Amelie Leclercq, a past European Regional Coordinator, Jo Kinsey, President BPW UK, BPW Ukraine President Yuliia Zayaka and Victoria Filatova, founding member of BPW Chernihiv. Together as BPW sisters the distance between us disappears, just as Dr Lena Madesin Phillips predicted many years ago. Thank you to Nellina Basile, BPW Twinning Chair, for the help in making this happen in Rome, and for hosting Young BPW member Ulyana, as she had travelled from an area of conflict to join us in Rome to be able to accept this twinning in person.

Jo Kinsey, President BPW UK