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New Affiliate Club - BPW Tirana, Albania
Membership News · December 07, 2022
BPW Club Tirana, Albania, Europe - November 2022

New Affiliate Club - BPW Izmir, Turkey
Membership News · November 13, 2022
BPW Club Izmir, Turkey, Europe - October 2022

5th BPW Mediterranean Symposium in Nicosia, Cyprus - Update
Europe News · September 28, 2022
18-20 November 2022 - 5th BPW Mediterranean Symposium 2022 - Nicosia, Cyprus • Program and Registration Form - Updated

New Project - 50plus Welcome
Project News · September 07, 2022
We aim to voice and promote the interests of people aged 50+ in Lithuania and to raise awareness on the related issues.

BPW Arad Candle Lighting Ceremony and 30th anniversary
President's Messages · August 20, 2022
Report from the 30th anniversary from BPW Arad - with fotos.

New Affiliate Club - BPW Almaty, Kazakhstan
Membership News · August 17, 2022
BPW Club Almaty, Kasachstan, Europe, June 2022

New Affiliate Club - BPW Prishtina, Kosovo
Membership News · August 16, 2022
BPW Club Prishtina, Kosovo, Europe, April 2022

Answer from the Office of  President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen
Europe News · July 12, 2022
Letter from the office of the President of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, in response to a letter from Anu Viks, BPW International Regional Coordinator Europe

Regional Conference Europe Reykjavik - Thanks
Europe News · June 17, 2022
BPW International Regional Conference Europe in Reykjavik 27-29 May 2022 President Jóhanna Kristín Tómasdóttir from BPW Reykjavik thanked everybody for their participation and the gifts. “I am so proud of my team, of BPW Iceland as a whole, and yes, myself, for having achieved this task so beautifully. […] My dear BPW sisters, thank you for making this conference a success. See you at the latest in Malta in 2025. Now all the pictures from the photo booth and the photos taken by Anna...

Agreement between Salvamento Marítima
Signing of the agreement between SOCIEDAD DE SALVAMENTO Y SEGURIDAD MARITIMA of Spanish Government, the Standing Committee for Business, Trade and Technology of BPW International and BPW-Madrid.

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