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Young BPW Videos from BPW Regional Conference Europe in Reykjavik
Young BPW News · July 11, 2022
Some videos from Young BPW's point of view report from Reykjavik - Author: Tomi Odunsi Fadina, Young BPW International Representative 2021-2024

Young BPW Canada - New Networking and Mentorship Strategy
Young BPW News · September 07, 2021
Krishna Hettiaratchi, VP Young BPW Canada, about the networking and mentorship strategy.

Sadikshya Aryal, Young BPW Nepal - Prize Winning Member Project
Young BPW News · August 10, 2021
Gaunbata Sanjal is one of the 10 winners 💐 of the Women Enterprise Recovery Fund (2.5 million USD) by the United Nations Capital Development Fund.

Fun Facts about our Founder Dr. Lena Madesin Philips

SUS TALKS - Sustainability Talks
Young BPW News · August 04, 2021
Here you talk - Here we talk - Here SUS TALKS! A blog all about sustainability by two Young BPW from Turkey, Salem Tekkaya and Derya Uzun

Updates: UNESCO Liaison Committee
Young BPW News · July 27, 2021
Leanne Yasmin Knight, Vice President Young BPW UK, about a talk of Young BPW with UNESCO Liaison Committee

Selin Ozunaldim Takes Generation Equality Forum in Paris
Young BPW News · July 26, 2021
From meeting and talking to the likes of Hillary Clinton, Melinda Gates, Selin Ozunaldim - Gender equality Activist, Young BPW Turkey, shares her experience.

BPW Nigeria - Catch Up With Young BPW Omason Oyeniyi
Young BPW News · July 20, 2021
Catch Up with Omason Oyeniyi, Young BPW Nigeria Representative

With Young BPW Germany Down Memory Lane
Young BPW News · July 20, 2021
90th Anniversary of BPW Germany Recap by Johanna Füten - Young BPW Germany 's Board Member

Young BPW News · July 15, 2021
#youngbpw4earth ∙ to commemorate the International Earth Day (April 22) and to spotlight ecofriendly and sustainable Young BPW projects and activities.

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