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FIDAPA BPW Italy - Una luce per le donne Afghane
Europe News · November 30, 2021
A Light for the Afghan Women ∙ Una luce per le Donne Afghane

UNESCO Director-General on Afghanistan
UN News · September 19, 2021
UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay expresses deep concern over the exclusion of girls from school reopening

North America & The Caribbean News · September 05, 2021
The USA Afghan Women Project - initiated by NFBPW-NYC chapter and adopted by the national organization NFBPWC as a special committee and official project

Written Statement to the UN Human Rights Council and its Special Session on Afghanistan (August 24)
President's Messages · August 29, 2021
Call for Immediate action to protect human rights and dignity in Afghanistan with special focus on women and girls.

BPW Europe Ask to Support the Afghanistan Women
Europe News · August 29, 2021
"We therefore strongly ask European Commission to open humanitarian corridors for support of Afghanistan women and children, humanitarian aid and to organize hospitality centers for women who need safe environment."

Statement by UN Women on the situation in Afghanistan
UN News · August 19, 2021
In line with the statement by the UN Secretary-General, UN Women remains fully committed to support women and girls in Afghanistan.