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Trip to Latin America - Visit to the Club in Buenos Aires
President's Messages · December 08, 2022
On the evening of 19 November 2022, the International President, Vice President Membership and the Director of the President's Office (she speaks Spanish and Portuguese) arrived in Buenos Aires together with the Treasurer. President's report and photos.

UNESCO - Invitation AI Competency Frameworks for Teachers
UN News · October 17, 2022
AI competency frameworks for teachers - Consultation Meeting - 25 October 2022, from 13:00 to 14:30 CET - Zoom

✝︎ Arlette Neyens - BPW Argentina
President's Messages · March 18, 2022
✝︎ Arlette Neyens, Past President of BPW Argentina, departed from us in February 2022 at the age of 85.

Activities of BPW Argentina - on the Road to the Congress 2024
Latin America News · January 18, 2022
Photos from the meeting with the Tourism Ombudsman team on the road to 2024 and more. Report and fotos from Olga Ahumada, President BPW Argentina.