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G7 Summit in Elmau - First Review
UN News · June 30, 2022
Press Release | June 28, 2022

BPW Germany an der Europäischen Konferenz in Reykjavik
Europe News · June 25, 2022
BPW Germany bei der 17ten Europäischen BPW Konferenz und dem 9ten Young BPW Symposium in Reykjavik 2022 – ein Rückblick und mehr zu Equality, Equity, Diversität und Inklusion

G7 Presidency - Women7 hands over W7 Communiqué to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz -  It is time to deliver!
UN News · June 20, 2022
BPW Germany is contributing to the Women7 process through the involvement of its long-term member, Christine Heinze, who was named W7 Advisor during Germany’s W7 Presidency and acts as one of two Co-Chairs of the Working Group on „Economic Empowerment, Justice and Rights“.

CSW 2022 - Online Workshop BPW Germany
Europe News · January 07, 2022
Frauenpower auf dem internationalen Parkett ∙ Online-Workshop zur CSW 2022 (in deutscher Sprache) ∙ 20. Januar 2022, 19.00h CET