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Project Good Health & Wellness for Women - Veranstaltung
Project News · March 26, 2023
6. April 2023, 19:00-21:30h, Baslerhofscheune, Brohegassse 6, Bettingen - Resilienz im Berufs- und Geschäftskontext

BPW Made a Difference - Support for BPW Lebanon after the Explosion in 2020
President's Messages · April 22, 2022
Report about the support of BPW Lebanon after the explosion on 4th of August 2020

Asia Pacific News · June 17, 2021
UPDATE: BPW Lebanon Sewing Project - TCFWA, Belmont BEC & BPW Business Incubator are pleased to announce our 40ft container of 93 donated sewing machines, 412 rolls of textiles & 265 cartons of haberdashery sailed from Fremantle Port on June 4th bound for Beirut to assist BPW Lebanon in establishing a micro sewing project for women post the 2020 explosion. This shipment has also been supported by BPW Australia & BPW clubs across Australia; The Ghossayn Group, NSW; Storage King Perth...