BPW Made a Difference - Support for BPW Lebanon after the Explosion in 2020

After the terrible explosion in Beirut, BPW International launched a campaign to collect money for the people who had lost their homes. BPW Australia showed its sympathy and solidarity by donating a 40ft. container of 93 sewing machines, 420 rolls of textiles and 265 cardboard boxes of haberdashery. With the donated material, BPW Lebanon helped women in need of work to sew blankets and offer them to those affected in the worst way by the blast at the beginning of autumn. The salary of the seamstresses was paid with the money donated by BPW International and ABWOC.  After that, BPW Lebanon members organized special workshops in Jounieh, in Abey and in Yahchouch including as many seamstresses as possible to create and to sell handmade designs, thus making a difference to their lives. Four exhibitions for the purpose of widening the circle of customers took place in France. So far 200 families in need were able to be helped. The project continues and will hopefully be effective for more families.

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    Roshana Shakya (Sunday, 29 May 2022 09:34)

    We are very proud of great job, donations for the needy, hoping for the same from Developed and compassionate of the world. Praying not to repeat such an inhuman events in future. God is always there to hear our voice.