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New Project - A Van for Chernihiv - BPW UK
Project News · August 27, 2023
BPW UK and A. Leclercq have a fundraising campaign to acquire, equip, and transport from Bulgaria a van for the benefit of BPW Chernihiv, Ukraine.

Ukrainian Project - FIDAPA BPW Italy - A Scholarship Award as an Opportunity to Start Over
BPW International Help News · February 28, 2023
The National Project A Scholarship Award as an Opportunity to Start Over funded by BPW International will enable each District to give a €3,000.00 scholarship to Ukrainian students in order to support concrete action of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, promoting the values of knowledge, inclusion, human rights and access to study and education.

Ukrainian Project - BPW Poland
BPW International Help News · December 06, 2022
Since 24th of February 2022 more than 3,5 million Ukrainians - mostly women with children have crossed the Polish border. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced many of them to flee from the war! Read more about the BPW Poland Ukrainian Project.

Ukrainian Project - BPW Madrid
BPW International Help News · December 05, 2022
Support and Opportunity program for Ukrainian Refugees in Spain: Economic Integration of Ukrainian Refugees in the Spanish Economy.