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Imprisoned Cat
Imprisoned Cat

Since 24th of February 2022 more than 3,5 million Ukrainians - mostly women with children have crossed the Polish border. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced many of them to flee from the war!

Nobody could ever predict as to the outcome. Even today, 9 months later the future is unknown.

Many refugees from Ukraine left Poland for other countries, over two million are in Poland presently and more and more still keep coming. They are in search of shelter / security for themselves and their children. Let’s not forget the trauma they have all gone through and which is still ongoing. Poland and the Polish Government were obviously not prepared as to how to tackle the situation.

Art Therapy
Art Therapy

Considering we didn’t have a great deal of funds, the ideas we wanted to put into a project came thanks to BPW International accepting our request and plea to support us financially. We are in the process of arranging workshops on anti-therapy for the teachers, psychologists and psychiatrists. It will enable them to help those in need, especially PTSD cases. This particular method is based on artistic methods and accessories.

This is a completely new experience; no European country to our knowledge has ever tackled such a scheme. Our achievements in this area are being passed on in a professional way to others. Our “Know-How" of how to work with techniques of anti-therapy on the basis of daily routine works well.

We have managed to help more than 150 women/children with psychological and financial support. At the Ballet School in Poznań, 13 children can safely and happily continue their education and improve their skills.

We have helped to fund 50 % of the scholarship for Ukrainian students at Art School in Warsaw.

As far as helping women to set up their own businesses is concerned, we decided to purchase the necessary equipment which will be owned temporarily by BPW POLAND during the course of training. This way our aim is to help them to start their own business independently. However, in the course of the day we found that lack of confidence, uncertainty in their future in Poland, lack of fluency in the Polish language doesn’t help. Therefore, it is not easy to resolve and help with all the problems they are facing. That relates to us too.
In order to help them to move around more freely, for those who have found employment we are organizing driving courses. Our help and advice is always available.
We would love to invite you to Poland to show you the workshops and the outcome of these kinds of therapies. All the attendees have a smile on their faces at the end of the day.
We have many more ideas and projects which we would like to introduce in due course. Many thanks for your support, we know we can always count on you - BPW sisters.

Katarzyna Bekasiak, President BPW Poland