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Welcome to our new WhatsApp Channel "BPW International"
BPW International News · November 13, 2023
Information on BPW International as a supplement to www.bpw-international.org and as a quick information channel. Up-to-date, timely, inspiring - the BPW International WhatsApp channel - Welcome!

BPW International & Social Media - New with account on bsky.social - X (Twitter) account dormant
BPW International News · October 28, 2023
BPW International on bsky.social (Bluesky Social) - Welcome on bsky.social - Follow us!

Change on Facebook as of the end of 2022
BPW International News · December 22, 2022
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Call From BPW Niagara Falls - Emergency Resolution To Support Afghan Women
BPW International News · August 17, 2021
BPW Canada has just passed an emergency resolution to support the Afghan Women. ∙ "The Denial of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan" ∙ This Emergency Resolution was created by Anne Knicley, Nancy Broerse and Jocelyne Desautels of BPW Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.