New Twinning - BPW FIDAPA Bagheria, Italy, to Twin with BPW Madrid, Spain

In one of the nicest room of the Continental Hotel in Madrid was sanctioned the first step of the Twinning between Fidapa BPW Club Bagheria, Italy, with President Viviana Cannova, and BPW Club Madrid, Spain, with President Paz Martin Lozano, strongly wanted and supported by Giuseppina Seidita, BPW International Vice President 2021-2024, member of BPW Bagheria.

The stay of the numerous Italian members and not only from Bagheria was exciting!

The Spanish sisters welcomed us with enthusiasm and love and organised for us interesting routes and meetings with the highest institutional authorities in Madrid and on this occasion agreements and pacts of understanding were stipulated.

Congratulations to the President BPW Club Madrid, Paz Martin, who took the opportunity. Thanks also to the presence of BPW International President Catherine Bosshart and BPW International Vice President Giuseppina Seidita, to establish official relationships with he institutions in Madrid.

Nellina Basile, Chair Task Force Twinning

May 2024