✝︎ Dr. Chonchanok Viravan - BPW International President 2005-2008

Obituary Dr. Chonchanok Viravan - BPW Thailand,

BPW International President 2005-2008

by Dr. Amany Asfour, BPW International Immediate Past President

May Her Soul Rest in Eternal Peace

Dr Chonchanok Viravan (Nok) was born on 10 July 1962 in the year of the Tiger (Chinese year) in Bangkok, Thailand. Nok in Thai means “Birds” which is why she liked birds very much. She was always the leader with her 5 younger sisters. 

Nok attended Chulalongkorn School until the 10th grade, then moved to USA to continue her studies there. She attended the University of South Carolina, majoring in Computer Science and continued her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Computer Science at Purdue University.  

When she came back to work in Thailand, she and her sister Deon were invited by Khunying Natthika Wattanavekin Angubolkul to join BPW Bangkok, Thailand.  

From then on, Nok became supremely active in BPW.


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Speech for the Chanting Ceremony for Dr. Chonchanok Viravan 

by Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President 2021-2024

Dear Family Viravan, dear All,

On behalf of BPW International I would like to express my deepest sympathy on the passing of our dear Past International President Dr. Chonchanok Viravan to her family and friends. She was an icon of our organization. I wish I could be with you all physically at this moment.

Besides her personal achievements in her profession, she put her manifold talents, her work ethics, her ideas, her creativity, and her artistic skills into the service of BPW National and International. She was a tireless worker. Our dear Dr. Nok seemed never to sleep and was available at all times of the day and night to the members around the world. The empowerment of women was a genuine part of her life. You all know of her awards and achievements. I will therefore take the liberty to recall what Dr. Nok meant to me personally. I was one of many people whom she mentored, advised, and supported.



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  • #1

    Dr. Meena Karna (Friday, 18 November 2022 17:06)

    Dr. Chochanok Viravan whom we have lost was a bonafide leader, energetic, well managed and very my dear. I know her from last 20 years and found her a great lady. May her departed soul rest in peace and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. Good bye Dr. Nok.

  • #2

    Dr. Eufemia Ippolito BPW Executive Finance Officer (Friday, 18 November 2022 18:03)

    I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Dr. Chonchanok Viravan in New York during his International Presidency and as part of the Leader's Summit. A woman of great humanity and great culture. I have wonderful memories of her: always available to solve any problem. Heartfelt condolences to the family on her grave loss. Rest in peace Nok. �

  • #3

    Dr. Vineeta Thapa (Saturday, 19 November 2022 15:43)

    P' Nok (Dr. Chonchanok Viravan) is remembered for her generosity, humbleness, and her contribution to "Beyond 2000: Helping Women Help Themselves". Her selfless contribution has benefited many, especially BPW.
    You have left us physically, but you are alive in our hearts, P' Nok.