Trip to Latin America - XXXVI Confam of Brazil

Trip to Latin America – November, 10 – December 4, 2022

The purpose of my trip to South America was to attend the Brazil National Conference, meet with BPW Buenos Aires, ‘reconnoitre’  the convention site and hotel for the 2024 International Convention, visit the new club in Bogotá and the Federation of Ecuador.

XXXVI Confam of Brazil - November 12-14, 2022

The XXXVI Confam Conference was held in Campo Grande, an innovative city in full swing. Brazil is carrying out a revolutionary project: to create a land route between the Atlantic and the Pacific that will reduce the travel time for goods by 12 to 15 days compared to the route via the Panama Canal. Campo Grande is on the path of this road. The port on the Atlantic is in Brazil, while the goods for the Pacific are shipped in Chile. An extremely dedicated mayor welcomed us. She expressed great interest in establishing a partnership for her technology park with BPW Brazil and BPW International. The President of the Standing Committee "Business, Development and Technology", Paz Martin, will take care of the creation of this new partnership.

The Confam itself was attended by some 300 BPW members from 23 BPW clubs, who presented their manifold projects. The highlight of the national conference was, of course, the elections of the new central committee and the new President: President Margarida Yassuda was succeeded by Alison Mazza Lubascher on 1 December 2022.

Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President 2021-2024