Advances, Challenges and Strategies of Public Policies for Women

First BPW Latin American International Webinar

08.25.2021 - 12noon UTC - Spanish, Portuguese, English


Exclusive for BPW Members around the World.


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The event aims to integrate all the Affiliate Federations and Clubs of BPW Latin American member countries and other BPW countries from around the world, to listen together about the advances, challenges, and strategies of public policies for women in Latin America.


This first Webinar will take place as a panel, with the participation of expert speakers on the subject from each of BPW Latin American member countries. Subsequently, a task force -with BPW members supported by authorities from different countries – will synthesize the contents of the presentations into a Manifesto that will serve to advocate before decision-making bodies.


To close the event, we will celebrate the 91st anniversary of BPW International with our Candlelight Ceremony.



  • Argentina - Mrs. María Cristina Coria
  • Brazil - Mrs. Doctor Cristiane Rodrigues Brito
  • Chile - Mrs.  Ximena Rincón González
  • Ecuador - Mrs. Rocío Rosero Garcés
  • México - Mrs. Nadine Flora Gasman Zylberman
  • Panamá - Mrs. Sherlin Aizprúa
  • Peru - Mrs. María Teresa Montes Rengifo
  • República Dominicana - Mrs. Dayhana Hernández



BPW Argentina, BPW Brazil, BPW Santiago de Chile, BPW Bogota, Colombia, BPW Ecuador, BPW Mexico, BPW Panama City and BPW Panama El Bosque, BPW Tacna, Peru and BPW Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.