Dr. Amany Asfour at the Africa Regional Conference in Arusha, Tanzania

Dr. Amany Asfour, the President of the African Business Council at the BPW Africa Conference in Arusha Tanzania on the 25th of August 2022

She first expresses her honor to be here with us today as the elected President of the African Business Council which was established to boost our inter-Africa trade and strengthen the voice of the African private sector which includes the women entrepreneurs. She also went ahead to state that our founding vision for the African business council is a competitive borderless

innovative Africa for trade investment and industrialization.


Dr. Amany shows her gratitude to her excellency for being with us. She also further stated that because the government that put the legislation cannot really stick with the legislation, we as private sector are the one who implement it so our strategy of empowerment which is in unison with the advocacy pillars of the BPW International policy advocacy which is about new actions through cooperation. We have 3 pillars: Private sector empowerment which includes women and youth, policy advocacy and product development.

Dr. Amany spoke for all of us when she sent her regards to her Excellency in behalf of the women of Africa which was accompanied by a message to promote the women and trade and promote the government procurement to have at least 30 percent go to the SMEs women and youth and as the African business council, she stated that they were going forward to advocate that at least 40 percent of government procurement goes to the African private sector.

In conclusion, she mentioned the term WIFI which stands for the women and youth financial inclusion and economic empowerment. This WIFI is actually for all of us, how we work together to achieve it. The final pillar is about product development; how we can have a competitive standardized quality value added product that we would really be trading amongst ourselves.

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