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BPW International Help for BPW Morocco's Earthquake Solidarity Campaign
BPW International Help News · October 25, 2023
BPW International Help for Morocco's Solidarity Campaign - Report from first emergency aid and about the second phase of the solidarity campaign. Please donate if you can.

Report Africa Regional Conference and Leaders' Summit, Arusha, Tanzania
President's Messages · October 13, 2022
Report from the International President about the Conference and the Leaders' Summit in Arusha, Tanzania - Photos

Anniversary Celebration & Candle Lighting Ceremony in Arusha - Fotos
President's Messages · August 31, 2022
Fotos from the 92nd Anniversary Celebration and the Candle Lighting Ceremony

Young BPW News · August 26, 2022
Hadia Gondji, The BPW Africa Regional Coordinator ‘s welcome address at the Africa Regional Conference in Arusha Tanzania.

Young BPW News · August 26, 2022

Young BPW News · August 26, 2022

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