BPW Reykjavík - Celebration of the Earth Day on April 22

BPW Reykjavík, environmental committee, celebration of  the Earth Day on April 22

The 9th BPW European Conference was held in Reykjavík, Iceland in August 1997. The conference was the most populous women´s conference ever held in Iceland. The guardian of the conference was Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former president of Ieland. In the wake of the congress, a tree called the European Women´s Tree, which was a gift from Austria, was planted. The tree was planted near  Ms. Vigdis Finnbogadóttir´s home, by her respectively and Mrs. Edith Klestil, the wife of the Austrian president. Mrs. Edith Klestil, on behalf of the Austrian Environmental authorities, generously handed over a few hundred plants which were planted at Thingvellir. Members of BPW Reykjavik care for the European Women´s Tree and there is a meeting there every year, this year on April 22nd, the Earth Day. BPW Reykjavik will continue planting trees for the environment.

Katrín Óladóttir