Call From BPW Niagara Falls - Emergency Resolution To Support Afghan Women

Hello everyone,

BPW Canada has just passed an emergency resolution at the AGM on Saturday to support the Afghan Women. 


The Denial of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan 

This Emergency Resolution was created by Anne Knicley, Nancy Broerse and Jocelyne Desautels of BPW Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


The Canadian government has already said there would be assistance sent to Afghanistan.

We will accept many refugees from Afghanistan. (CBC News and the Toronto Star newspaper)


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"It is imperative to be informed and help as much as possible!" > Facebook Page BPW Niagara Falls

Women for Afghan Women Network

> read and donate here

Petition for Humanitarian Corridors on Change.org

> read more and sigh the petition here 

Information by Heather Cox Richardson, Political Historian, on FB

> read more


Thank you!



Jocelyne Desautels, President  905-732-5562

Charmaine Grace, Immediate Past President  905-941-5669

Anne Knicley, Secretary  905-934-2285

Nancy Broerse, Treasurer / Fundraising  905-682-7092

Nancy is District Director for BPW Ontario Golden Horseshoe-Halton/Peel

Beth Poulin, Fundraising 289-687-8593

Carolyn Shannon, Program Chair 905-371-3818


Business and Professional Women of Niagara Falls

Women Working for Women