bpw.webinar - Partnership for Breast Cancer - BPW Madrid & Universidad Complutense - BPW São Paulo & Rotary Butantã

Partnership for Breast Cancer

Cooperation between organizations to tackle breast cancer

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Tuesday, 21 May 2024, 14:00pm UTC

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The webinar, co-organized by BPW São Paulo (Brazil) and BPW Madrid (Spain) with support from BPW International, highlights collaboration among BPWs, Rotary Butantã – SP, and Universidad Complutense Madrid. The aim is to promote best practices, scientific research, and fostering and enhancing informations on advanced medications and treatments for breast cancer, a disease impacting women worldwide. They are united by shared objectives and mutual benefits, aiming to develop and support breast cancer-related projects in the medium and long term.


– BPW Madrid x Universidad Complutense - Madrid

– BPW São Paulo x Rotary Butantã – São Paulo