President's Message for the Candle Lighting Ceremony 2022

Dear BPW Members


As members of BPW, of Clubs and Federations, we are, all of us, active throughout the entire year. We are all working on many different topics like Equal Pay Day, Women on Boards, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or the Women’s Empowerment Principles. Each Club and Federation, each BPW is working unremittingly - do you agree? Many thanks to you all for your great efforts. 


But working enthusiastically is not enough, we also have to be efficient and demonstrate our ACHIEVEMENTS. We have to publicize our achievements within BPW and to the world outside.

Some Clubs and Federations proudly publicize their achievements and have already listed their projects on the international website. But there are many more. The more achievements or projects we publicize, the more we encourage and inspire each other, and the more we are visible to the world. And we can only link your projects to UN-Funds and UNESCO-Prizes if we know about them.


It is essential to communicate our ACHIEVEMENTS in our projects. But let us also show our COMPETENCY.


BPW International unites women from all over the world with an incredible richness of skills and competency. We need our network today not only within the Club and Federations, but also at the international level. That’s why we have to show the richness of our Competency to network professionally, within BPW and with the world. 



Thanks to a donation, BPW International was able to develop an international Business & Services Directory – the bpw.directory

We invite each of you to register, your registration is free. You have your own account and you can edit your data at any time. There are a few mandatory data and several optional ones. Please visit www.bpw.directory and be a visible part of the BPW network. 

Do you travel abroad and would like to connect with BPW members in the country of your destination? Do you work internationally and need a lawyer in Spain, Japan or Nigeria? Do you need cosmetics produced by a BPW member? You would like to buy real estate and would like to connect to a real estate saleswoman in Thailand, Italy or Canada? bpw.directory will show you the members who are active in these fields. 

We women do not hide, we step up and publicize our ACHIEVEMENTS and COMPETENCY. We register all our projects on the international website bpw.projects, and we register our competency on bpw.directory.

I invite you to make the necessary effort. The tools are ready, we can be active. Let’s realize our International Theme New Actions through Cooperation.   

As we perform the solemn task of lighting candles to our members all around the world, let's come together to inspire, support and encourage each other by realizing our BPW goals in mutual respect and productive cooperation. I wish you all a very successful 2022 and hope to see many of you. Take care and stay safe!


Dr. Catherine Bosshart

BPW International President 2021-2024


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Candle Lighting Protocol 2022 in EN / DE / ES / FR / IT (Jan 2022) - EN / ES / FR / IT (Aug 2022)

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