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Short Visit of BPW International President to BPW Philippines
President's Messages · July 03, 2023
Short visit in Manila, hosted by Myrna Yao, President of the Federation. Photos.

Easter Greetings
President's Messages · April 08, 2023
Easter Greetings from BPW International President Dr. Catherine Bosshart

Happy and joyful new year 2023!

Trip to Latin America - Quito, Ecuador
President's Messages · December 11, 2022
"Quito was the last station of our trip. We all had a little problem catching our breath as Quito is at 2800 m above sea level." President's report and photos.

Trip to Latin America - Bogotà, Colombia
President's Messages · December 10, 2022
"As Bogotá is a fairly new Club (approved in June 2021) we wanted to pay the members a visit." President's report and photos.

International Volunteer Day - 5 December
President's Messages · December 05, 2022
Today is International Volunteer Day, the day of action to recognize and promote volunteerism. We would like to thank all for their volunteer engagement for BPW and the BPW goals.

Meeting of the Executive - Catherine Bosshart
President's Messages · October 17, 2022
International President Catherine Bosshart speaks about her understanding of "New Actions through Cooperation"

Happy #BPWDay 2022 - President's Message
President's Messages · August 26, 2022
Video with the BPW International President's Message to the 92nd Anniversary of BPW International

International Women's Day 2022 - President's Message

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