BPW Europe Get Together

The Agenda of the Christmas Get Together

  1. Overview of developments by Regional Coordinator Anu Viks
  2. BPW Adana Club in Turkey new project "More powerful – More digital"
  3. News and updates on BPW Europe 17th Conference and 9th Young Symposium – Johanna Kristin Tomasdottir, Sheerah Kim and Julia Klausen (pdf)
  4. Creation of BPW Europe Linkedin page – Alice Minuto
  5. Participatory Leadership by European Parliament – Alice Minuto
  6. Presentation of the promotional video by BPW Pula Croatia
  7. Christmas greetings from everyone to everyone


On 20 December 2021 BPW Europe Regional Coordinator and Coordination Committee organized the Christmas Get Together to extend gratitude for the efficient and constructive work carried out by Presidents of European Federations and Clubs, Representatives of BPW Europe in European Institutions and European Women`s Lobby, Chairs of BPW Europe Working Groups, past Regional Coordinators who have been assisting BPW Europe in its work. BPW International President Dr. Catherine Bosshart and Executive members extended their greetings to BBPW Europe. During the Get Together new ideas for future work were presented and Regional Coordinator Anu Viks reflected back on the year 2021 and the achievements of BPW Europe.

Year 2021 was the year of celebrations – BPW Germany and BPW Finland the 90th Anniversaries. In 1930 and 1931, Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips the founder of BPW International, visited these countries and helped to establish BPW Clubs in these countries. 


Anu Viks introduced the history on BPW Europe Regional Conferences. The first BPW Europe regional Conference was help in Strassbourg in 1981. Michelle Laublé, then President of the Strasbourg club, invited all European BPW National Presidents and interested members to the 1st European conference that took place September 25-27, 1981. The purpose of the meeting was to create a firm structure for contacts among the European Federations of BPW and to provide the Strasbourg representative with information on the needs and views of the Federations. This idea was supported by Rosmarie Michel, International President. The conference elected an Ad Hoc Committee whose role was to work out proposals and prepare the second European Conference: Renata Blodow (Germany), Hildegard Fuegg (Switzerland) and Yvonne Pencoat (France). To provide administrative support, a Contact Center was set up in Karlsruhe, Germany, staffed by two volunteers, Traude Westermann and Hede Steilberger.

Anu Viks

BPW International Regional Coordinator Europe 2021-2024

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