Standing Committee Chair - Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, Italy

Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, Italy

BPW International 2nd Vice President Membership 2021-2024

BPW International Standing Committee Membership Chair 2021-2024

BPW International Executive Finance Officer 2017-2020

BPW International Task Force Child Marriage Chair from 2017-2021

BPW PILOT TEAM Member from 2017 to today

FIDAPA BPW Italy National President 2009 - 2011

BPW Club Bagheria



Italian, English

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Degree in Mathematics, Palermo (Sicily) University. 

Teacher in Mathematics and Physic 

Headmaster of secondary school 2004 - 2019 

Math’s Teacher of secondary school 1983 - 2004. 

Master in “Education and prevention in AIDS among andolescents” 

Member of CNPO within the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy 2010 - 2016 

Member of CNP within the Ministry of Equal Opportunities 2010 - 2011 

Member CDA Foundation FIDAPA 2000 - 2013 

Projects Manager of FIDAPA FOUNDATION 2000 - 2012 

Designer and coordinator of the national FIDAPA project: Women and Politics in the years 2001/03 

Designer and coordinator of the project: Women and Leadership in FIDAPA District Sicily in 2005/07 

Responsible of the "Carpe Decision" network with CPMR, Ministry PO Greece, Spain and Portugal. 

I have constituted 14 FIDAPA clubs in the District Sicily in the years 2003/05 and 14 FIDAPA clubs in the national territory in the years 2009/11. 

Manager and coordinator of the international twinning between FIDAPA BPW ITALY Sicily District and BPW Egypt, BPW ARAD, BPW Germany, BPW Dublin in the years 2003/07. 

I have organized and coordinated about 500 conferences on various topics: Leadership; Cultural Tourism; women’s work; women's empowerment and the promotion of female entrepreneurship, violence against women, child marriage. 

Award "Universo Donna" for social commitment in 2007. 

Award “DONNA FIDAPA” from club BPW ITALY Bronte