Ms Keiso Matashane Marite at the BPW Africa Conference in Arusha 2022

Ms Keiso Matashane Marite, The Chief, Gender and Women Empowerment Section, Gender, Poverty and Social Policy Division, UN ECA at the BPW Africa Conference in Arusha Tanzania on Thursday the 25th of August 2022.

She clearly stated that the rate of women entrepreneurship in the country stands at 27%. After going through tens of thousands of African entrepreneurship and firms to establish the link to education, access to finance and improved productivity and after 2 years of evaluation they came to a conclusion that education and capacity building is a critical factor for female entrepreneurship in Africa.

In conclusion, she stated that females in general are largely excluded from Impactful enterprises hence, education, capability and health is important to nurture women for the purpose of graduating from owning necessity driven enterprises to opportunity driven ones.

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