Leaders' Summit in Cairo

The Participants of the Leaders' Summit in Cairo 2021
The Participants of the Leaders' Summit in Cairo 2021

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Leaders' Summit in Cairo

November 7, 2021

Before the «African Congress for Women and Youth Entrepreneurs and Business Women» which took place from November 8 to 9, 2021 in Cairo, BPW International organized under the direction of Past International President, Dr. Antoinette Rüegg, a well-attended Leaders’ Summit. For Dr. Antoinette and me, it was important to know what were the burning issues for the Club and Federation Presidents. From a long list, 4 topics emerged:

  • Communication, 
  • Benefits of a membership of BPW, 
  • Directory, 
  • Networking. 

In four Breakout Sessions these topics were intensively discussed and then presented to all the participants.  The organizers’ lesson learned is that BPW needs to work on the benefits and to give our presidents a tool through which they can attract interested women. Regarding communication there is still more to be done on social media channels with specific and brief messages. Networking has manifold channels like webinars, live-streaming of events, brief sessions on the constitution etc. We will follow-up with these ideas.

Dr. Catherine Bosshart