Memorial Plate for Livia Ricci, BPW International President 1993-1996

Memorial Plate for Livia Samaestri RICCI

The 27th of October 2021 the city of Verona (Italy) is presenting the memorial plate remembering

the first Italian president of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women



Mrs. Ricci was based in Verona and led the organization from 1993 until 1996.

The engraving on the plate honors her work as follows:

We dedicate this memorial for the far-sighted actions in, and long term commitment for supporting womens' rights all around the world in achieving the highest goals in their professional life and in business.


The FIDAPA BPW of Verona has strongly insisted in being the first Italian chapter requesting an official recognition of Mrs. Ricci as one of the most important Veronese citizens in terms of supporting women. We kindly ask all our friends and chapters to spread the word of this event so that we keep Mrs. Ricci's heritage alive and present.

Yours sincerely, Aurelia Favalli

aureliafavalli@alice.it | +39 335 725 122 5

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