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New Project - Women and Human Rights in the Mediterranean - BPW Italy
Project News · April 12, 2024
The goal it’s to share ideas and projects with FIDAPA (Italian BPW) women to improve the application of Human Rights in the Mediterranean.

Fidapa BPW Italy elected a new Executive Board for the Biennium 2023-2025
Europe News · September 24, 2023
FIDAPA BPW Italy, Rome, September 22/24, 2023 - National Assembly to renew offices for the 2023-2025 biennium. Report from VP Giuseppina Seidita with photos.

Ukrainian Project - FIDAPA BPW Italy - A Scholarship Award as an Opportunity to Start Over
BPW International Help News · February 28, 2023
The National Project A Scholarship Award as an Opportunity to Start Over funded by BPW International will enable each District to give a €3,000.00 scholarship to Ukrainian students in order to support concrete action of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, promoting the values of knowledge, inclusion, human rights and access to study and education.

FIDAPA-BPW Italy - Newsletter January 2022
Europe News · January 26, 2022
Newsletter form Presidente Nazionale Fiammetta Perrone, Brochure 2021-2023 and Poster to the national theme.

FIDAPA BPW Italy - New President, New Board
Europe News · October 29, 2021
After the business meeting with elections: New National President FIDAPA BPW Italy Fiammetta Perrone with Past National President Cettina Olivieri.

Memorial Plate for Livia Ricci, BPW International President 1993-1996
President's Messages · October 28, 2021
The city of Verona, Italy, is presenting the memorial plate remembering Livia Ricci, BPW International President 1993-1996

BPW Fidapa District Northwest - Convention on the International Theme
President's Messages · September 05, 2021
FIDAPA BPW-Italy & BPW International ∙ Together to Rebuild the Future