Lucyphine Kilanga, BPW Tanzania, at the BPW Africa Conference in Arusha

Lucyphine Kilanga, BPW Tanzania, the coordinator of the OJADACT team at the BPW Africa Conference in Arusha Tanzania on the 25th of August 2022.

In her speech, she mentioned that for the inclusion into this general perspective, there is a need to understand the context because if you want the media to spread about the feminism to raise women to leadership positions or management, first, you need to integrate them in the gender context and also talk about alignment in blue shape for the immediate sector.

Using as an example, the ongoing event, was it really broadcasted in the way that it should have been? Important points have been mentioned here regarding the different sectors and very important presentations too but was the video made inclusive of all our participation here? That would bring about the change as there are a lot of women out there who would have paid and there are people here too who would also be included in the process of change and should as well be integrated and made inclusive in our programs.

The focus strategy should be on how we're going to advocate through the media. So if we are having a program with the aim of empowering women, it will be important that an advocacy is made directly through the media so as to elevate the feminist movement of the change in leadership.

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