Benefits for Members

1. Worldwide Friendships

BPW International is a network of Business and Professional Women worldwide. Our membership spans approximately one hundred countries across all five regions of the world. We have opportunities to meet, network and exchange experiences at national and regional conferences and BPW International Congresses. 

Our members are encouraged to sign up for the BPW International e-News and to follow BPW activities on BPW International Website and on our BPW International Facebook page  

2. Participation at United Nations

International Federation of Business and Professional Women IFBPW (BPW International) has held consultative status to the United Nations since 1947. Our BPW representatives can be accredited to attend UN meetings at the Headquarters in New York, Geneva, Vienna and other offices and also work with civil society to work on documents, submit statements and recommendations to support the empowerment of women. BPW members can be accredited to attend specific meetings at United Nations, such as the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) which is held annually at UN Headquarter in New York. 

> BPW and the United Nations

3. Making a Difference

BPW International is focused on initiatives to improve the status of women world-wide. It provides the framework that creates enabling environments for Affiliates through partnerships and collaborations within BPW International network, with other Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and with other International Partners to improve the status of women world-wide.

> BPW Partnerships 

By thinking globally, we create opportunities for our Affiliates to act locally. This allows Affiliates worldwide to united in our effort for a common purpose and vision. > BPW activities

4. Leadership Development

Young BPW members, aged under 35, are regarded as > Young BPW. For personal leadership development, Young BPW members are represented on BPW Executive Boards at local, national and international levels. 

Many BPW Affiliates offer mentoring and leadership training programs for BPW members. 

5. Recognition for Members

BPW International website,, is a showcase for the accomplishments of BPW members, clubs and federations. BPW members may also be selected as experts in special fields or nominated for awards when opportunities arise. More on BPW Awards ..>>

6. Intercultural Understanding

BPW International has a twinning program. Twinning can be between clubs in different cities, in different countries and in different regions. It allows members to enjoy the rich return of exchange of experiences, joint activities and a greater understanding of each other’s cultures on an international level. > BPW Twinning