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X. BPW International Latin America Regional Conference
Latin America News · May 15, 2023
X. BPW International Latin America Regional Conference, 6-10 September 2023 in Santiago, Chile. "BPW Latin America Leaders in Action."

New Affiliate Club - BPW Miculla, Peru
Membership News · March 20, 2023
BPW Club Miculla, Peru, Latin America - March 2023

New Affiliate Club - BPW Asunción, Paraguay
Membership News · February 14, 2023
BPW Club Asunción, Paraguay, Latin America - February 2023

Meeting of the Executive - Diana Barragan
Latin America News · October 17, 2022
Diana Barragan, Regional Coordinator Latin America, declares her region ready for international cooperation in BPW.

Activities of BPW Argentina - on the Road to the Congress 2024
Latin America News · January 18, 2022
Photos from the meeting with the Tourism Ombudsman team on the road to 2024 and more. Report and fotos from Olga Ahumada, President BPW Argentina.

BPW Brazil Future Campaign
Latin America News · October 12, 2021
XXXIII CONFAM 2021 - Convenção da Federeção das Associações de Mulheres de Negócios e Profissionas do Brasil BPW Brasil

Contribution to International Girls' Day on October 11, 2021
UN News · October 11, 2021
International Day of the Girl 2021 - UNESCO Prize for Girls' and Women's Education 2021 Award Ceremony

New Affiliate Club - BPW Santiago de Chile
Membership News · July 24, 2021
Welcome BPW Club Santiago de Chile!

New Affiliate Club - BPW Bogotà, Colombia
Membership News · July 18, 2021
Welcome BPW Club Bogotá, Colombia!