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New Partnership - MoU Anémona, BPW International, BPW Madrid
Partnership News · September 21, 2023
With the signing of this agreement, the Anémona Group are committed to collaborate on the issues of women's development and empowerment, gender equality and sustainable development.

Ukrainian Project - BPW Madrid
BPW International Help News · December 05, 2022
Support and Opportunity program for Ukrainian Refugees in Spain: Economic Integration of Ukrainian Refugees in the Spanish Economy.

New Partnership - Salvamento Marítimo
Within the framework of the approved BPW International Standing Committee (SC) Business, Trade and Technology Action Plan and together with the BPW-Madrid Club we have reached an agreement with the public company Salvamento Marítimo with the aim of promoting Sustainable Development Goals #5 and #10. Salvamento Marítimo is a public company that responds to emergencies at sea, with the main objectives of safeguarding human lives and property, protecting the marine environment, enhancing safety,...

Visit to Madrid - Journey Towards Equality
President's Messages · November 02, 2022
Jornada rumbo a la igualdad